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Beautiful Homes Now, Inc.

Our Core Vision:

Redefining Real Estate by building Transparent Relationships “NOW”

Buying or Selling a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences most will encounter in their life time. The excitement of finding your perfect home or even reaching the stage of upgrading and selling your current home is a major accomplishment! However; for some homebuyers and sellers, the actual real estate process can appear to be a dauting task, especially if you are juggling a full-time work schedule. In today’s climate home buyers and sellers simply don’t have the time to chase agents for updates nor be kept in the dark only to learn the transaction is not going as expected. It is from this premises Beautiful Homes Now Inc. reestablished their Core Vision. Regardless to the real estate service required, you deserve to partner with a Real Estate Brokerage that will deliver a transparent experience from start to close.

Meet Shari L. Capers

Real Estate Broker/ Founder

I have been a Licensed Realtor for well over 20 years and have had the honor of working with an array of wonderful families. My passion for partnering with families and assisting them with their real estate needs has been a very exciting journey. Some transactions have been more challenging than others, but each challenge has allowed me the opportunity to grow. I am an avid life learner, so instead of showcasing a bunch of me me me accolades, I prefer to share a few nuggets I picked up along the way...

  1. No two homes or transactions are ever just alike, always pay attention to the smallest of details.
  2. Never make assumptions, if it’s not in writing it does not exist.
  3. Your actions will always speak louder than your highest achievements.
  4. One person’s shack is another person’s castle
  5. It’s better to live by a strong moral compass than lead astray by a sinking ship

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